Make Art Here.

Hi, I am Cindy Nelson, an artist in Homer Alaska.  

Living in this inspired place  a friend and I created Purple Crane Designs.  This wonderful friend, Ellen, taught me to make beautiful beaded jewelry.  Purple due to a color we are both attracted to and crane because in Homer we are visited each spring our resident sand hill cranes.

Besides jewelry, I create mosaics with stain glass, fused glass and painting with oils.  Homer, the art capital of Alaska has embraced me.  My creativity has blossom living here with the many different art forms that I want to try.

I will be starting an art blog explaining in detail my findings in this adventure.  Please follow me by subscribing to my website.  I hope to entice you further with a free PDF of “How to make a simple mosaic in an afternoon”. 

So lets get out the pen, pencil, paintbrush, needle, thread, broken pottery or rocks and make art.

Please follow me with my creations and subscribe!