About the Me


While growing up in the Puget Sound Seattle area, I was always encouraged to pursue my creativity.  My mother and maternal grandmother taught me the basics and knowledge of the needle. 

Being an Alaskan

During my first year in Alaska, my friend, Ellen, taught me to create beautiful beaded jewelry.  Experiencing Alaska life in the last 14 years I find the beauty of the local scenery to be a great inspiration in creating one-of-a-kind pieces in jewelry, mosaics or painting.  Alaskan life, especially in Homer, was easy to connect with art friends and grow.

Design Variety

The use of color and texture in my designs produce an original piece of art. I am a self-taught mosaic artist mostly working in glass.  The breaking and nipping glass in which to make a form to use in a piece demonstrates my creativity.  Each nipped piece of glass has its purpose within my designs.

Puzzle Master

Designing a mosaic make me feel like I am a puzzle master.   Every size is precious and always saved, no matter how small, I do not know if it can be used in another piece of work so I keep it tucked away for latter.  Incorporating fused pieces within the mosaics makes each piece unique.

Paint and Chemistry

Then in 2012 I was curious about painting and all the nuances about it, I became a member of Virtual Art Academy, an online community.  The fascination of paint and chemistry drew me closer to art as a discipline.  Learning fundamentals and techniques of painting is a lifetime pilgrimage I have embraced.

My Art Direction

Nature and I have always had a love affair.  Therefore painting outside (plein air) connects me with painting and nature by capturing the light and color I see outside. Painting outside in different weather conditions, where the light changes drastically and quickly provides the challenge to my work and myself.  I have been able to take this experience into the studio.  I sell both my original plein air and studio pieces.

Painting every week with friends either plein air or in studio cultivate my work.  Teaching, beading and mosaics skills locally at The Shop.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed creating it!

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