An Artist Day-Studio Dog and Zen inspiration

An Artist DayDog HB and I

As an artist I get to spend my day with a dog buddy, “H.B.”. He is hilarious and he makes me laugh, without fail, every morning.

We go through our morning routine, my shower, belly rub, getting dressed, belly rub, make the bed, belly rub you get the drift.  At the end of the last belly rub, I whisper to him that if I don’t stop, we wont start our day together!  He groans while I stand up and begin the day.

Once in the kitchen, I start the coffee, mix his yummy meal with rice, veggie’s and some sort of protein on top of his kibble.  He is the first dog that I have had that doesn’t go for it right off from the start.  Oh well, I know he will get to it sometime during the day.  It’s always a clean bowl when his next meal comes around.

After our breakfast and reading the local paper, we then go for our walk.  Good weather days, a beach walk; weather not so good, a trip around the yard or neighborhood.

Dog is my copilot

HB is always my copilot when we drive around our little hamlet by the sea, Homer, Alaska.  I still consider this place paradise on earth.  The view everywhere in town reminds me of why I live here.  Having a dog by my side confirms that I have found my peace.

Homer Spit
View of Homer Spit in Kachemak Bay

Familiarity is supposed to breed contempt, as they say. Homer and Alaska still moves me and I think it always will.  I will never be complacent about it.  I learn new things each day.

Once all errands or tasks are completed, I get to come home and enjoy my new studio and decide what to work on today.  What has enticed me, while driving around or walking on the beach? What project is stimulating me to complete it today?

Inspiration and Zen of Creativity

These and others thoughts ponder my brain.  I am relaxed and content in my studio. Sometimes if nothing grabs me, I clean or pick up stuff till inspiration hits.

Boy when it hits, time will stand still till I get hungry or thirsty to remind me that I am human.  This stopping of time is what some artist states as the ‘Zen of creativity’. To me it is the ultimate feeling of surrendering within my surroundings.

This is why I love being an artist.  We all need to find a place where we can encourage the zen in our lives.

What isYour Zen?