Going Live

“Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!”

Betty Davis


Hey all, no its not Betty Davis, sorry. But welcome to my new web page!!!! Yes its taken me a whole month of learning and tweaking and there is still more to go, but I am going live today. Cross your fingers and toes!!!! It’s not like Willie Wonka where we will go up in the air… Or if you do, let me know! 

I want to reconnect with fond friends and make new friends. So lets start with a question “Do you think you are an artist?”. Please give me feedback on why you think you are or are not an artist. Trust me, we are all creative people. I will try to convince you that you are an artist in some form or fashion. 

Please leave me comments on how you like my website…. It’s a slow growth and an uphill battle, so please stay and follow me….

See ya soon,


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