Procrastination and How to Get Back Into Creating

procrastination quote

Procrastination is a feeling of not getting to what you want to do.  According to the oxford dictionary its

“The action of delaying or postponing something”

Why would we want to delay something that we love to do? What is causing this feeling of a need to postpone? As artists we live and breath art, don’t we?


I have a studio filled with tables of projects in different stages of progress.  Some say it’s a wealth of clutter, others say it’s a sign of an artistic mind.  So which is it?  Of course I am going to believe that my mind is artistic vs. clutter. Right?

So what’s with this procrastination and not finishing up a project? 

Alan Lightman writes in his book “In Praise of Wasting Time” he describes the benefits of giving oneself unscheduled time to simply think, play, or let ideas incubate. 

Ah…. Incubation!  I like that!  My studio is filled with incubating ideas!

Am I wasting time, postponing a project for another day? I think not.  There are days, when I have spent time cleaning up, or moving things in the studio and pick up a half done project, not knowing what to do with it.  The time from when I first worked on it till now, is not wasted, cause I now know that some day an idea will hit me.


I love it when an idea comes.  Bam and off I go.  That’s incubating an idea!  Who cares that it took 1-3 years for that idea to hit you.  It did and that’s what counts.

The strike of the Muse

I think that when we procrastinate in our studio, we do not fear the act of peril, it’s that we are waiting for the muse to strike us!  Artists all have a muse, he or she has ideas and throws it at us and we are to catch it or not.

Big magic book cover

Read “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert to find more creativity beyond fear.

We all can attest that when we find an idea, we are creating like a Tasmanian devil working till it is completed.  I hope you have had this experience once or twice.  I have!

When we don’t catch the idea from our muse, than another person somewhere in this world will catch it.  Have no fear; the muse will keep tossing ideas to us.  Maybe it’s the puttering in the studio procrastinating in which to catch it? 

Other artists tell me that we just need to ‘show up,’ and not worry about the muse.  Go into your studio or where you feel creative and be content.

So when the sinking feeling of procrastination is upon you, embrace it.  You just need to think or relax and let your muse toss you an idea.

Go To Your Studio and Make Art!