What is a Cindy Sale or Sindy Cale?

I was fascinated the other day, while reading a book, that two young characters were having fun talking to each other using spoonerisms.  This is when you take two words in a sentence and switch the first letters to make a nonsensical word.  Mostly for fun or frustration to the listener.  Examples are Bunny Rabbit equals “Runny Babbit” or “Biss the kride” for kiss the bride.

So to have fun as I love to do, I am having a “Sindy Cale” on my website! 


WOW how creative is that!


Spoonerism day is July 22 but why wait so let’s “Spoon On” with a Sindy Cale in the middle of February! 

The intention of this sale is to introduce my work to the world wide web!  During the last year 2019, I diligently worked on my website in order to offer my work to more people and to share my love of art.

Oil Paintings

Winter Sunrise

OP63 Winter Sunrise

I produce studio work along with Plein Air originals painted outside onsite to capture the essence of the time.  Paintings can be purchased with or without frames.  When I do frame them, they are with a basic black metal or black wooden frame.  You can specify if you want to take a discount of $20 without frame.


BPW49 Blue Peyote Weave Bracelet

I hand stitch each piece of jewelry using high quality glass beads.  Jewelry sales come with free shipping within the US.   

Yes that’s all 50 states!  Including Alaska and Hawaii!



Glass mosaic Octopus

Octopus Mosaic

All mosaics are ready to hang.  I have some mosaics with hand built frame.  I form my mosaics from stained glass or fused glass formed in my kiln where each design display’s the title and signature are on the back.

So click on the link my shop and browse through my inventory.  If you browse in my Gallery and would like to purchase one of those, do let me know through comments.  Purchases in My Shop can be made by credit cards or payment through Paypal.

All comments are welcome on items.

Enjoy Cindy

Plein Air painting in Homer